Valentine’s Day at Chef Toni’s Cooking Adventures!



Look at these decadent cakes and check out the chocolate-covered strawberries that your Junior Chef will be cooking in our kitchen below. These tasty treats are the perfect gift for any Valentine! Junior Chefs are going to have so much fun celebrating with these festive dishes, and we’re so happy to make them available for purchase at our school! Call us at (646) 682-7769 or email with any orders, and WOW the Valentine in your life!

It’s time to Cook, Eat, and Play with Love together at a special Valentine’s Day Saturday Cook and PlayJoin Chef Toni and Chef Cristal on Saturday, February 14th from 2-5PM for an amazing cooking adventure that’s chock full of love, and more fun than you can imagine!

At Chef Toni’s, we’re going a step further than boxes of chocolate and the traditional candy hearts your child is used to seeing. We’ve got a full day of activities and recipes planned to make this a Valentine’s Day celebration Cupid himself will want to join! Don’t miss out on the SWEETEST holiday of all in Chef Toni’s Kitchen!










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