Special Events



All About Apples Cook & Play They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. At Chef Toni’s Cooking Adventures, we’re planning a special Apple Saturday Cook & Play that will make your child say “Wow!” Junior Chefs will sample several different varieties of this delicious fruit, voting on their favorite to determine once and for all which apple is the King of the Fall. We’ll drink apple cider, cook a delicious Apple & Chicken Curry, bake a creamy Apple Cheese Tart and bob for apples together! We’ll top it all off with a magnificent Apple Butterscotch Blondie for dessert. Apple-icious!Menu: Apple Cheese Tart, Apple Chicken Curry w/ Jasmine Rice, Apple Buttersotch Blondies

Columbus Day on Columbus Ave

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. His three ships all set sail from Spain, to Chef Toni’s Cooking Adventures is where he came! Junior Chefs will spend the day exploring the bold exploits of this intrepid explorer whose name graces the street where Chef Toni’s school is located! We’ll cook recipes that go along with his epic voyage, from his birth in Italy to his departure from Spain, and finally to his arrival in the New World! Junior Chefs will trace his culinary journey by cooking up yummy dishes from all three nations, like Mediterranean Flatbread, Lentil Soup, and a Roast Turkey worth crossing an ocean for! Dessert dishes will feature the cocoa bean Columbus discovered upon his arrival in the new world. Morning Menu- Mediterranean Flatbread w/ Prosciutto, Queen Victoria’s Favorite Garlic Hummus, Chocolate Pudding Afternoon Menu- Lentil Soup, Roast Turkey Breast- Cranberry Sauce, Corn on the Cob, Chocolate Chip Cookies

Election Day Cooking Adventure  The results are in, and Chef Toni’s Junior Chefs have voted her school the greatest cooking school in the land! Come in when schools are closed for Election Day and practice kitchen democracy by voting for your favorite dish! We’ll present the group with several menu options, having them fill out ballots to determine the dishes we will make that day! Our day’s agenda will empower these little voters to learn about the voting process, and will include fun activities to celebrate this important day.

Support the Troops Around the Globe We’ll be cooking up a menu chock full of patriotic dishes, while educating our Junior Chefs on the importance of honoring those who have fought for our country. Red, white, and blue will be flying at Chef Toni’s, and the children will be able to commemorate the day by baking for local veterans in our community.

Pumpkin Cook & Play Halloween may have come and gone, but we’re taking this GOURDgeous opportunity to celebrate a fabulous Fall favorite; the pumpkin! Our Junior Chefs will cook up some seasonal, roast some pumpkin seeds, and learn all about the power of the pumpkin! Orange clothes are encouraged, and we may even spend some time out in Chef Toni’s backyard Pumpkin Patch!

Holiday Cookie Cook & Play Tis’ the Season to bake cookies! No matter how you celebrate the holidays, our Holiday Cookie Cook & Play will get everyone in the spirit! We’ll offer a healthy take on traditional and innovative cookie treats, providing your Junior Chef with the techniques to truly wow anyone in the family with a sweet tooth. Kids will have the chance to decorate their cookie creations at our holiday decorating table, and create amazing gingerbread houses with Chef Cristal! We’ll also send your child home with cookies specially gift wrapped for a favorite teacher or anyone else you’d like to give thanks to this holiday season!

Around the Globe Winter Holiday Camp When school is out, CTCA is open! CTCA’s flagship cooking program takes Junior Chefs on cooking adventures around the world! From Mexico to Ethipoia to Russia and beyond, children get a chance to learn the culinary and cultural traditions of some of the planet’s most unique countries. Students are exposed to scrumptious cuisine, enriching cultural activities, and more fun than you can even imagine!


Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Camp  Unite with us at CTCA as we celebrate the King’s Birthday. We’re hitting the kitchen to whip up a healthier version of some of DR. Kings favorite dishes. Valentine’s Day Cook & Play Love is in the air! Will you be our Valentine? Enroll your junior chef for a day of cooking, eating and playing with love. Happy Valentines Everyone! Private School Spring Break Camp Spring is in the air our bags are packed and we’re heading out on another exciting week long adventure! Who knows where we’ll land? One day we’re in Chine the next in Paris or Australia! We’ll spin our globe and wherever we land we’ll cook, eat, play and learn all about each other. Shrimp on the Barbie, Anyone!

April Fool’s Day Cook & Play – March 29th

Join us for a day of hilarity where nothing is as it seems.  Upside down, inside out and everything in between.  Jr. Chefs must come backwards dressed please!  And otherwise our lips are sealed! He he!

Around the Globe Mid-Winter Break Camp

It’s that well needed mid-winter week off again!  Join Chef Toni’s Cooking Adventures as we begin a new year of exciting adventures globe-trotting from one country to the next, cooking, eating, and learning about each others food and culture. All aboard!

Celebrate Easter & Passover Together Saturday Cook & Play

Hi my hunny bunnies!!! It’s Spring again and you know what that means….Hop on over and join us for our Annual Easter & Passover Extravaganza!  We’ll hunt high and low for Easter eggs, decorate beautiful baskets and make a mouthwatering holiday meal too good to Pass Over!

Public School Spring Break Camp Spring is in the air our bags are packed and we’re heading out on another exciting week long adventure! Who knows where we’ll land? One day we’re in Chine the next in Paris or Australia! We’ll spin our globe and wherever we land we’ll cook, eat, play and learn all about each other. Shrimp on the Barbie, Anyone!

Mother’s Day Cook & Play

There is no other day like Mother’s Day!  All Junior chefs report to Chef Toni’s for our annual Mommy’s Day Cook & Play.  Help us make today special for the #1 girl in your life.  Mom, today we’re turning on our ovens and getting out our pots and pans out just for you.  Sit back, relax, today is going to be all about YOU!

Chancellor’s Day Holiday Camp

Today is the day that all teachers have go to school! We’re planning an A+ fun day full of good cooking, good eating and plenty of silly mischief that even your kids teachers will approve.

Father’s Day Cook & Play

Bring your Jr. chefs down to CTCA for our annual Daddy Day cook & play.  We’re making cowboy-sized yummy treats to give to our city cowboy dads.  Food, fun and laughter to be expected.  Can’t wait to see y’all!