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#HappyHolidays from Chef Toni #CookingAdventuresForKids


Holiday Camp

Junior Chefs get ready to shake, bake, rattle, and roll in this fun-filled culinary adventure or shall we say fun-filled culinary party! You never know what Chef Toni may be cooking up her sleeve, but you better be sure you’ll be dancing to the beat of her drum as she takes your Junior Chef on various fun activities.
Chef Toni World Tour Winter Break Holiday Camp is 12/23, 12/24, 12/26 & 12/27! Travel around the globe and back at CTCA! Each morning we’ll spin our world globe and wherever we land, we’re packing our bags and heading out on another exciting adventure. What fun! One day we’re off to Mexico, the next to Russian and Africa and beyond. Along with learning real culinary techniques and farm-to-table cooking lessions, junior chefs will learn a world of information about the day’s chosen country, it’s food, art, culture and more!
Winter Spring
The new year will be full of surprises with new chefs coming on board as well as a few special guest chef appearances.  We’re planning to cook, eat, and play with many healthy wholesome meals and lots more fun all year. Enjoy our promotional offers and join us for our new and exciting 2014 Winter/Spring semester. Enjoy 15% off when booking before January 14! Call to register today!
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