Are kids cooking classes the only classes you offer?
No, we also offer a farm-to-table teen chefs program every other Saturday and adult classes in the evenings from 7-9pm.

What other culinary programs or courses do you offer?
School cooking tours, children and adult birthday cooking parties and events.

What skills do children learn in your cooking classes?
Cooking lessons can have big benefits for children. Kids don’t realize just how much they are learning because they are having so much fun practicing their fine motor skills such as chopping, whisking, kneading, pouring, mixing, cutting and rolling. It’s surprising the amount of information they are taking in while they are cooking or baking. Here are just a few examples
Math Skills: They have to count and weigh and measure and estimate and learn sequencing – what comes 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
Reading Skills: Reading a recipe through allows kids to improve reading skills and learning new words helps with practicing vocabulary.
Time: Keeping track of cooking times is fun for kids and it propels them to put their time-reading abilities to the test.
Science: Cooking lessons teach kids sience in a hands-on way as they discover that yeast makes dough rise and heat changes the way food looks and tastes and much more.
Geography: Cooking cultural recipes exposes kids to other cultures and to learning where food grows.
Social skills: Kids have to socialize with each other and work together, take turns and be ready to problem-solve which promotes accomplisment and teamwork.
Good Eating Habits: Cooking classes can give kids the confidence and curiosity to get creative in the kitchen and build a lifelong habit of good eating habits.
Follow Directions: When kids read a recipe and learn how to make a pizza or cook spaghetti, they are also learning how to follow directions.
Responsiblity and Indepence: Learning how to safely use kitchen equipment, clean up messes and washing and putting away kitchen gear when their cooking project is done fosters responsibility and independence and boosts confidence.

Where does your school get cooking recipes for kids?
Everywhere. Personal recipes developed over time, Other parents, Online cooking resources, Food & Lifestyle Magazines and Cookbooks.

What is the farm-to-table cooking party?
Farm-to-table means that we support local farmers and that we buy local, organic foods from farmers markets or local grocers and Whole Foods when possible and that we use those ingredients in our recipes when we cook.

How are your cooking classes for kids different from those for adults?
They’re shorter since kids don’t have a very long attention span and the recipes are adapted to children’s abilities.

Can I bring wine to your adult cooking class?

How many children can your kids cooking class hold?
20 in the main kitchen and 10 in the kitchen in the back.

Can children with disabilities attend your cooking classes?
Except for no wheelchair access, I’ve had and have junior chefs with disabilities that excel at cooking lessons.

When do you hold cooking camps for kids?
Cooking camps are held on all the NYC public school holidays and school breaks in the winter, spring and summer.

Where do your cooking camps take place?
At Chef Toni’s Cooking Adventures located at 967 Columbus Aveune, New York.

What is the theme to your summer cooking camps?
Summer camp is internationally themed. That is, we choose a different region daily, learn about it’s culture and food then plan a menu and cook the foods from that country.

How long do your holiday cooking camps run?
One week long for Winter break camp and Spring break camp and 2 months long for Summer camp.

Are there any discount packages for cooking lessons for kids?
Yes. We offer a 10% sibling discount and another for purchasing a full semester.

Do you offer gluten and dairy free cooking events?
Yes. Each Friday we offer Gluten, Dairy, Wheat and Meat-free cooking classes.

Do your cooking classes accommodate kids with special dietary or food allergy restrictions?
Yes. See above.

Are your teen cooking classes held after school?
No. We hold regular after school program for ages 4-12 from 3:30 – 6:30pm. Teen classes can be scheduled on every other Saturday that we don’t have a Cook n Play program.

Can I drop my child off early for an after school cooking class?
Yes. Drop-offs can be made as early as 3:00pm.

What is your latest after school culinary event?
We hosted a spoooky Bake & Decorate Your Own Cookie event that was a howling success! Blog and pics on its way!