Are kids cooking classes the only classes you offer?
No, we are in the process of revamping our offerings to include adult classes in the evenings, and we always do offer special classes on some Saturdays. Stay tuned by joining our mailing list!

What other culinary programs or courses do you offer?
School cooking tours, cooking birthday parties and special events in our space.

What skills do children learn in your cooking classes?
Cooking instruction can play a large role in a child’s development process. At Chef Toni’s, kids often don’t realize just how much they’re learning because of all the fun they are having! From practicing fine motor skills by chopping, whisking, kneading, pouring, mixing, cutting and rolling, to learning tricks that will help them with their studies, it’s surprising the amount of information kids take in while they are in the kitchen. Here are just a few examples:
Math Skills: Kids learn to count, measure, and learn sequencing with every recipe they create.
Reading Skills: Reading a recipe through allows kids to improve their reading skills and learn new words will help them build a rich vocabulary.
Time Management: Keeping track of cooking time is fun for kids and it make them aware of just how important it is to be prompt both in and out of the kitchen.
Science: Kids are exposed to science in a hands-on way, as they discover the chemical and physical processes at work behind their favorite dishes.
Geography: At Chef Toni’s, we send our Junior Chefs around the world, exposing them to unique cultural and cooking traditions from countries they may otherwise know nothing about.
Social skills: Junior Chefs have the chance have to socialize with each other and work together to complete a common goal. They learn to take turns and problem-solve, helping them learn how great it feels to accomplish a task together.
Good Eating Habits: Cooking classes can give kids the confidence and curiosity to get creative in the kitchen and build a lifelong habit of good eating habits.
Follow Directions: When kids read a recipe and learn how to make a pizza or cook spaghetti, they are also learning how important it is to follow directions.
Responsibility and Independence: Teaching children how to safely use kitchen equipment, clean up messes, and wash and put away things when they finish a recipe fosters responsibility and boosts confidence.

Where does Chef Toni’s Cooking Adventures get recipes for kids?
We search everywhere to find and curate a rich collection of recipes suitable for children. Some are recipes Chef Toni developed over time, some are suggestions from parents, and we also have a bookcase full of cookbooks that we can draw from. We also use online cooking resources, and even draw from suggestions made by our Junior Chefs!

How is Chef Toni’s Cooking Adventure a farm-to-table cooking school?
Farm-to-table means that we buy local, organic foods from farmers markets or local grocers when possible. Using these ingredients supports our community, and we get a lot of our produce from Chef Toni’s own farm in Upstate New York.

Can I bring wine to any of CTCA’s adult cooking classes?

How many children can your kids cooking class accommodate?
Classes are usually capped at 15 students in order to create a safe teaching environment for our chefs. We can support larger groups for private parties or special events.

Can children with disabilities attend your cooking classes?
At Chef Toni’s, we like to say that “anyone can cook!” Unfortunately, our space is not wheelchair accessible, but we’ve had many Junior Chefs with disabilities that excel in our kitchen.

When do you hold cooking adventures for kids?
Cooking adventures are held on all the NYC public school holidays and school breaks in the winter, spring and summer.

Where do your cooking adventures take place?
At Chef Toni’s Cooking Adventures located at 1937 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10035. We can be found between 124th and 125th streets on the East side of Madison Avenue.

What is the theme to your summer cooking adventures?
Our Around The Globe Summer Adventure is internationally themed. Each day, we choose a different region, learn about the cultural and culinary traditions, and cook and eat a diverse menu featuring classic dishes and ingredients from the country.

How long do your holiday cooking adventures run?
Adventures run based on the NYC Public School calendar. Usually, week long Adventures run in late December, mid February, and early April. We offer our Around the Globe Summer Adventures for approximately two months each summer, from late June to Late August.

Are there any discount packages for cooking lessons for kids?
Please contact us at (646) 682-7769 or info@cheftoniscookingadventures.com for more information on discounted rates.

Do you offer gluten and dairy free cooking events?
Yes, our chefs are very adept at tailoring dishes and menus to accommodate dietary restrictions. Contact us for more information.

Do your cooking classes accommodate kids with special dietary or food allergy restrictions?
Yes, please see above.

Are your teen cooking classes held after school?
No. We hold our Cooking Adventures after school program for ages 4-12 from 3:30 – 6:30pm. Teen classes can be scheduled by contacting us, we’re happy to accomodate groups of any size, as long as your junior chefs are looking for a fun and exciting cooking class!

Can I drop my child off early for an after school cooking class?
Yes, early drop-offs can be accommodated starting at 3:15pm.