An Edible Education


As the Winter Break holidays draw close, parents may be left wondering how to keep their children’s brains engaged when they aren’t in school. Believe it or not, time spent in the kitchen can be an amazing component in a child’s development. From practicing fine motor skills by chopping, to getting better at reading comprehension while completing a recipe, it’s surprising the amount of information kids take in while they are in the kitchen. Some examples:

Math Skills: Kids learn to count, measure, and learn sequencing with every recipe they create.

Time Management: Keeping track of cooking time is fun for kids and it makes them aware of just how important it is to be prompt both in and out of the kitchen.

Social Skills: Junior Chefs have the chance to socialize with each other and work together to complete a common goal. They learn to take turns and problem-solve, helping them learn how great it feels to accomplish a task together.

Good Eating Habits: Cooking classes can give kids the confidence and curiosity to get creative in the kitchen and build a lifelong habit of good eating habits.

All in all, cooking with your children is a fun and exciting way to keep the learning going this winter break. And if you’d like your child to spend some time cooking with other Junior Chefs, we’re offering exciting camps all month long! The greatest gift this holiday season will be sharing my kitchen with your amazing children; I look forward to seeing them soon!

Here’s to Cooking, Eating, and Playing with Love,
Chef Toni

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