About Us

  • Our Passion

    As parents, we all want our children to be healthy, right? Right! Cooking empowers children with independence and responsibility for what they eat. Nourishing food not only makes a child healthier, it improves school performance, and is a critical component in growth and development. So how do we get our children to think so too? That’s where we come in!

  • Our Philosophy

    At C.T.C.A our number one goal and philosophy is to teach children where food comes from; to give them an early introduction to kitchen safety, basic cooking skills and healthy cooking techniques while fostering key areas of development such as socialization, task-completion and the basics of nutrition through imaginative culinary adventures. Students at C.T.C.A love the idea of becoming a top “junior chef” by creating and practicing positive food smarts from what they’ve learned.

  • Our Vision

    As a uniquely designed cooking “adventure” for children ages 2-16 that focuses on “farm-to-table” cooking, C.T.C.A’s vision is for each child to experience the pleasure of socializing around healthy cooking while learning to grow into a top “junior chef”. Chef Toni’s Cooking Adventures teaches the fundamentals of: Farm-to-Table Cooking, Healthy Food Choices, Smart Shopping Skills, Culinary Techniques, and Basic Manners & Etiquette.​

  • Fast Facts

    • Established: 2009
    • CTCA is the only cooking school on the Upper West Side, Manhattan
    • CTCA focuses on farm-to-table and international cooking all through fun culinary play adventures
    • CTCA offers a full enrichment program and is a nut free cooking school
    • CTCA has been featured in Time OUT NY Kids, The Examiner, Macaroni Kid, Mommy Poppins, Appetite for Good
    • Chef Toni’s Trademark slogan: Cook, Eat & Play With Love
  • Classes

    • Farm-to-table After School Chefs Program includes a cooking lesson, study period, structures recreational activities. Ages 5-13
    • Power Hour Cooking Class: portion of our after-school. An hour and a half long culinary adventure and eat afterwards.
    • Around the Globe Cooking Adventures (Winter, Spring, Summer, Holidays) includes a farm-to-table cooking lesson, etiquette, music, arts & crafts, indoor and outdoor play Ages 5-13
    • Culinary birthdays and special events
    • School tours