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    Now you and your kids can try out variety of culinary recipes you’ve learned in Toni’s cooking school in the comfort of your own home kitchen.

    Cook, Eat & Play with Love
    – Chef Toni.


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How Cooking Classes Benefit Our Kids

Kids cooking classes teach children a variety of helpful life skills such as math and science, when measuring and baking; reading, when recipes are read aloud in a different setting than usual textbook or story, as well as following directions in a practical environment where they see how actual results in the class depend on their accuracy and ability to closely adhere to what recipe says.

After school cooking classes develop good eating habits, including healthy snacking, when learning balanced approaches to meals. Kids are able to use what they learn at cooking school at home with parents, which builds responsibility and independence by following directions, cleaning up after themselves, understanding of time when they wait for their preparations, and thus contributing to the household. Overall, cooking lessons gives children a positive sense of accomplishment with tangible result.

In addition to fine and gross motor skills, creative and imaginary development, cooking classes for kids evolve valuable socialization skills with other children in a structured yet fun setting, while partying with other kids also serves as an opportunity to learn further dining etiquette.

Practical and fun, kids cooking lessons gives children the opportunity to develop and apply a solid base of optimum life skills from an early age and reinforces what they are already learning in school in an entirely different setting that ultimately benefits everyone in the family.